Gizzard shad are sweeping the trophy largemouth bass scene! They reproduce in a wide array of environments from small, shallow ponds to the largest of lakes and reservoirs.  They grow quickly and to a size about 3-4 times that of a threadfin shad reaching a maximum length of about 16 inches.

15 lb bass all over the south are eating these large shad as you read this.  If you want true TOADS, gizzard shad are a must-have.

Gizzard shad are cold weather tolerant and can handle water temperatures into the 30s.  Most ponds with largemouth bass will benefit by stocking gizzard shad.  For the ultimate forage base, consider stocking both gizzard and threadfin.

I recommend an active management plan if you are going to utilize gizzards to supplement your forage base.   At times, manual removal of gizzard shad may be needed such as electrofishing or Rotenone.

For more information read this GREAT article by Kedric Nutt: Gizzard Shad Stocking