About Us

SHAD STOCKING LLC has been providing the highest quality, mature, free-range shad available for nearly a decade.   Our Northern strain of threadfin has better resistance to cold and has survived frozen over pond conditions.  Catching and hauling shad is ALL we do.  With quality fish and experience, survival rates are maximized so your pond or lake attains the maximum benefit from your investment.  We transport shad in custom built shad-specific hauling tanks and will deliver directly to your location on-time and hassle-free.

IT’S  NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS: Shad Stocking hauls both threadfin and gizzard shad in 40 lb full loads and 20 lb half loads.  Numbers of fish are secondary to the weight of the load.  Mature threadfin shad will range in number from 1000-5000 fish.  Only juvenile shad will number greater than 5000 fish per 40 lb load.  If you do the math, a single shad in a load numbering 5000 fish will only weigh 0.128 oz.  If you’re receiving threadfin shad smaller than 2.5 inches, or gizzard shad smaller than 4 inches, they will not be mature and will not spawn.  We pride ourselves on our free-range FULLY MATURE adult shad which will be premium spawners.  Our threadfin will arrive at least 99% alive and thriving.

Gizzard shad tend to be more massive than threadfin.  Our average stocking size on gizzard shad is 6 inches.  You can expect very high quality fish and 100% survival.

SPREAD THE SHAD.  Shad Stocking hauls fish from Acworth, GA (see map) as far west as Oklahoma/Texas, as far south as Miami, FL, as far east as NC/VA coast, and as far north as Chicago to DC.  Our equipment can haul up to 10 loads on a single run with our 5 large 175 gallon holding tanks.  Be sure to know your state’s rules and regulations BEFORE ordering shad.

WE USE SMALL TRUCKS to minimize impact to your property and to help us get in and out of tight places.  Our stocking trailer is a one of a kind shad limousine which puts the fish in at a low level so they enter the water gently.  We have a standard 25 foot reach, if needed, but we can extend that if necessary, so let us know if we cannot get close to the water.

INCLEMENT WEATHER will cause delays in our schedule, so be patient with us when the climate throws us a curve ball!

Shad Stocking is courteous, professional, and easy to work with so give us a call and let us earn your business!