Owner of Shad Stocking LLC, Shawn McNew, has been handling shad since the age of 5.  His father, Pat, taught him how to throw a cast net by the age of 8 and the rest is history.  Honing his skills as an angler were his top priority as a young man.  He graduated in Fisheries as well as earning All-American status in Division 1 swimming for 4 years from the University of Tennessee.  Shawn has been featured in magazine articles, interviewed about shad multiple times on radio, and writes a published monthly fishing report for his home lake.  Now with nearly 40 years of handling shad, Shawn brings the skills, knowledge, experience, and work ethic necessary to drive Shad Stocking where it is today and where it will be in the future.

Shawn and his company, Shad Stocking LLC, has delivered shad to 13 states and seems to know no bounds.  Our longest hold time was 28 hours, after which the fish were delivered with minimal mortality.  Our unique, specialized fish hauling equipment assures the shad incur as little stress as possible during their journey so they are ready to survive once introduced into their new waters!